Friday, 6 May 2011

Where have you been?

So did you miss me?  Well did you?  I can finally breath a sigh as a very busy few weeks draw to a close.

Lot's of family time over the last couple of weeks with easter, which I already shared some pictures from but what a joy to have the house full.  I didn't expect to miss the big two quite as much as I am now they are back in school but yes I even miss the bickering and battles of the older siblings in the house ~sigh~

The weather has been glorious and we have spent much time exploring the outdoors... Geocaching has been a fantastic addition to our family. Getting the kids to really look and use the natural environment, making them notice our local wild life, flowers and trees and adds a slight competitive edge which gives the excitment my children seem to thrive on.

Don't worry I hadn't lost little G, he was just sleeping peacefully on my back!

And while the children will play it gives the grown ups a spare moment too, So here I am still ys STILL spindling with my gorgeous fibre from My Heart Exposed Yarns. I love this photo as I think the gorgeous sunlight shows some of the really quite beautiful shades of green in this fibre.

Such a wonderful feeling to be spindling in the garden with the children enjoying the weather and freedom with the sun on your face ~sigh~ good times!

The 2nd sock of my pair is almost done... had to frog a little of it after a mishap with some wine, I have learned knitting and wine do not make for happy projects but lesson learned we are almost done now and what a joyful moment I will have when I cast of the beast that has stalked me this last month or two (yes it really has taken me that long to knit them)

And now I will leave you with what my postie bought after all those long extended bank holidays....

my lovely new 6mm Knitpro DPN... but are they mine or G's I guess I will have to wait and see if he lets me knit with them!

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  1. brilliant happy photographs and I love the one of your greens on the spindle as well, its just beautiful :)