Monday, 30 May 2011

Purple Haze

Nothing like a birthday to get the crafting juices pumping!

After an afternoon of knitting... frogging and knitting again (wrong size needles/yarn problems) I needed a break from the pressure of knitting very plain and simple things wrong so I got the wheel out and finally plied my lovely "Jump for my Love" Uk shetland dyed my Spinning a Yarn.  I had this for my birthday and actually finished spinning it a while ago but I run out of bobbins to ply it (poor planning obviously)

so here is it's journey :)

The Fibre Braid
Bobbin loaded with single one

Single two!

First I split the fibre by splitting the braid length ways down the middle and then spun it worsted... once spun into these two singles I plied them together into a lovely fingering weight yarn...  the effect is so beautiful.

There is 120m of it and it is lovely and squishy although I have no idea what to make with it yet !

So now the blog is done I guess I should continue with the birthday crafting.... or maybe a bit of relaxation spinning :)


  1. That is so so gorgeous!!! Way to Go!!! I want to hug it it looks so soft!

  2. Oh it is looking at me now everyday begging to be knitted up.... may be some mittens yet a practice for when I make some for a missed friend too far away to meet for coffee and cookies