Monday, 25 April 2011

Our Easter.... in Pictures mainly :D

Easter has been beautiful this year... we have spent many happy hours together as a family and I am sat here tonight remembering how wonderful the last few days have been and slightly disapointed that it is over... at least until next bank holiday, which is only round the corner.

A gorgeous sun drenched walk through the woods.... teeming with new life that arrives with the welcome spring... a sea of bluebells and the tinkle of laughter from children mingling with the buzz of the bees and the sweet song from the many birds up above

And a day at the beach... something for the child in all of us, who can not resist the sand castles? buring daddys feet or trying to splash each other in the sea?  The joys of children seem to be magnified by the ocean and sand, especially for land locked midlanders... the sun shone and we laughed and smiled until home time stopping only to eat our seaside fish and chips.  Now where did that diet go?  I have no idea but I know my children won't look back on this day as the day mum burst out of her jeans but as a day where we all smiled and laughed and had a wonderful day at the seaside.

Oh and for craft?  no easter bonnets here I am affraid but we did have a little easter bunny in our living room for a while.  Meet The Energised Bunny :) made from the same energised yarn my lovely e-reader cover was made from :D

My little niece is only 6 months old so a chocolate egg just wouldn't do would it so this little bunny was created especially for Ayanna... I heard she likes him very much, as did I and I am glad he went to a home where he is loved.

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  1. gorgeous beautiful photographs Toni, everyone looks like they are having THE best time in the sunny weather :)