Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesdays Treasures ~ 07/06/2011

And again I am joining "the house on the hill" in sharing a Tuesday Treasure....

a simple one from me....

I am so appreciative now of all those moments I still get to sling my baby, who is now 2!  the closeness, the chatter and the cuddles are priceless.

The wrap he is in on the picture will always stay with me, it will be a wrap to treasure forever and a wrap I hope to carry grandchildren in.  It was our snuggly, if he was poorly he wanted it, released near his birth month (it's a Didymos Limited Edition Colour Grown Waves) and it's like wrapping in air!  yum!

Please take a trip over to The house on the hill and see other Tuesday Treasures and share you own :)


  1. what a sweet treasure

  2. That is a true moment to treasure.
    I am hoping you have many many more.

    This is my first visit. I can appreciate your profile.

  3. Wonderful... I carried my children everywhere in a sling - it was fantastic and they loved it because they were up high where they could see the world. Thank you so much for playing this week.