Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Our Kittens....

Need loving homes!

3 of them are very bengal looking with glorious spots
 Such playful bundles of excitement
 what are you upto?
 look at our pretty spots
 leopard like !
 and very cute
 this little one is less bangle like...  she still has spots but she is silver grey and feisty!  She will stand her own ground even to Ronan our 6 year old Siamese!

So yes... they need new homes... so we will be selling them  :(... 8 cats in one house is about 6 too many, so I've been told....


  1. Ahhhh Toni they're so cute! What're they crossed with? And how many weeks are they? Bonnie x

  2. Hi Bonnie... The kittens are coming up to 10 weeks old now.

    They are crossed as Khamsin who we were trying to find a suitable stud cat for her got impatient and escaped to get frisky with the local tom!...