Saturday, 21 May 2011

12 years ago today....

My life changed forever....  I became a mother.  Looking back what a transformation that was!  12 years of seeing my daughter change and grow.  To become the kind, considerate and artistic girl she is, with her own likes, friends and amazing talents.

When she was born I looked her over and saw the unique little birth marks on her unique little body... a little stork bite on her left hand covering her ring finger and little finger.  They have gone now, faded away to nothing.  

This morning we had a mother daughter day... we went for a lovely breakfast and shopping and I looked at her, her little freckles and moles which were not there this time 12 years ago but have developed on her beautiful skin and are her, the new her, the older her... I know each of them.

Much has happened in her 12 years....  and much more is to come.  How exciting the next few years will be.

Happy Birthday Princess... you will always be my baby x


  1. aw that's just such an amazingly beautiful blog post Toni, happy birthday wishes to your stunning Princess, may the next twelve years bring you both even more joy together as she transforms into a breathtaking young lady.

    They say that when you have sons you get to pass on the family name, but when you have a daughter you have a true best friend for life.

    That is what I always tell my beautiful daughters, they are my true best friends, the people I want to spend the most time with in the whole world just like you and your beautiful daughter. Daughters are exceptionally special spirits to share our world with and you certainly have been blessed :)

    Huge hugs

    Helen xx

  2. Thank you Helen...

    It's been an emotional day and your words bought a tear to my eye x