Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rainbow Heaven!

Well Hello!!!!

I hope your day is not as dull as ours here BUT if it is we have been up to something to brighten up any miserable day!

Having spent this morning in a very windswept field watching eldest Unconventional boy playing football I can confirm my felted hat is warm!  So warm I had to give my warm head a rest!  Oh but when I got home what a wonderful treat I had!

A new bobbin for Bertie had arrived from The Threshing Barn!  

Now I have needed this bobbin for a while as I have two beautiful shetland singles waiting to be plied but I had been let down by a different supplier so they have been languishing :(  Hope to get them plied soon!!!!

Oh and I have been playing with my new drill and saw!  curious? Well I made a rainbow!  A rainbow Necklace out of pencil crayons!

As it was my first attempt it is not as neat as I would like and I am planning on making another one over the next few days but I was so excited with the effect I wanted to share this preliminary effort!

I saw this blog... which gave me the idea I am going to get a bigger selection of colours and do some more... VERY easy to do and look lovely and fun.

And then Postie bought me THIS!!!!

 Yes! a style craft yarn pack... I don't usually buy yarn and use my hand spun but I have a yearning to make some granny squares or something lovely and needed yarn on a larger and cheaper scale really.  I think I may be browsing Attic 24 for some lovely patterns to attempt later this evening with a glass of wine in hand ~sigh~ who needs a TV?  not me!


  1. such a beautiful rainbow, what yarn is that in all those light rainbow colours?

  2. It's style craft... I bought it from here

    great service and very cheap and cheerful ideal for some granny squares or a crochet blanket :)