Monday, 23 May 2011

Living life in the fast lane or in the

I wish this has something deep and meaningful behind it... like a breath of fresh air I turn my back on the city and flounce into the country growing my own veg and things, oh how I wish but alas nope...

I learned a lesson today.  It is a good idea to check the fuel gauge before you are half way to the destination !  If you find this ------>

And you have 2 under 5's in the car, a swimming lesson to get to and it is pouring down with rain.  Well it's just not the best news in the world.  Now add to this the fact my purse is still at home !!!! argh!

Yes life in the fast lane indeed.  It did get the adrenaline pumping almost like an afternoon at a theme park.  Nothing like a bit of risk to put a bit of excitement into the day!   Luckily I managed to make it to the pool... deposited the boy in the water and rang my knight in shining armour  (Mr Unconventional) who turned up with a lovely £20 note... it almost glimmered and shone like a cartoon note....

So with that done and dusted and home without a tow truck (for a change) I carried on with the knitting! (yes crochet is still languishing under my work things in the car)

I dug deep into my yarn basket to find this....

It's the 2nd ever skein of yarn I ever spun and since January it has been waiting and waiting for me to give it a chance (I've been far too taken my beautiful fibre lately)

It's natural Norwegian white tops spun up into about DK/Arun weight and as you can see it is well very inconsistent.  It is far worse than I remember it being through my rose coloured glasses ~laugh~  I thought it was amazing at the time!So it went on the skein winder and became a lovely soft squidgy ball of yarn

Just so you can see JUST how uneven it is 

 ~blush~  any way ;)  Once that was done I finally got a chance to use my LOVELY new knit pro DPN....

the knitting is on the go now and hopefully this one won't take me an eternity to complete!  I chose a very simple easy pattern which is going to be felted to hopefully make the best use of this lovely soft yarn.  Fingers Crossed all!


  1. I know you will make something lovely with this beautiful yarn. Enjoy the process. Judy

  2. thank you both... Finished Object Friday tomorrow and the big reveal.... it's changed alot!