Sunday, 22 May 2011

And breathe.....

After the busy and emotional day of yesterday today has been a blissful day of recuperation both emotionally and well we are all shattered so we were gentle with ourselves today...

I am really in love with my 1st Craft pippy yew spindle and still going strong with my my heart exposed yarn fibre....  it is so fresh looking it makes my taste buds tingle... I think this should be my heart exposed tag line as it seems to be a common effect when spinning their fibre. 

And as I was feeling the need to open something new... I could barely contain my excitement when I opened up "Northern Lights"  I have never spun Shropshire fleece before and I am soooooo in love!  It is so floofy ( is that a word?)  it almost spins itself and the colours are delightful.  

Talking about mouthwatering?  oh yes!  almost like a tube of an old favourite sweet I used to love... fizzy refreshers YUM....

It's impossible to show the beauty of the colours and how rich they are, almost iridescent as they merge into each other.

And of course I have to have a little helper ;)

I don't think it will be long before he is wanting his own!  he is always so interested in the spinning wheel, erm and the spindle.....  thats not so helpful when little hands get involved though ~laugh~

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  1. Your posts showing your beautiful spinning always make me smile Toni :)

    Love that you are now in love with Shropshire too, I just adore it and wait until you knit with your yarn OMG when I did my first skein of Shrops, I put it away then about four months later decided to use it in with loads of other yarns. Big mistake, it was so beautiful and stretchy, I would have loved a garment made just from that yarn alone so now am saving them all up to do a jumper. I am a generous size 26 on top (large chest :) so its going to take about 2000m of yarn, which will be about 8 to 10 maybe 12 handspun yarns. You'll also notice that you get slightly more yardage out of a Shropshire braid of fibre than you do say a BFL or Merino, a little really does go a long way indeed :)

    (((( hugs ))))

    I have one of those little helpers too, Harvey just love sitting beside me with his foot on one treadle of my wheel Julius :)

    Helen xx