Wednesday, 25 May 2011

WIP Wednesday :D

Hello there lovely people :D and welcome to my work in progress Wednesday 

So this week I have been busy.... but not busy enough as I have 6 work in progresses on the go!  eek!  I should really pull my socks up but as they say variety is the spice of life and I enjoy switching and changing through the day.

So first up we have "the bag" which I have made a bit of progress on...  

It's slow going but thanks to my lovely project bag it is getting more love now as it lives in my work bag and comes out when I get a moment to hook away.

I also started this felted hat which started out on double pointed needles and has now progressed to the circulars   ~happy dance~  

I am hoping to embellish it with lovely things when it is felted :)

And then I turned my hand to sewing... while perusing Ikea which is one of my favourite pass times my daughter picked out a fabric and we decided it would make lovely bunting for her room...
so far I have sewn this many :)

I decided on hearts as they are much more her and I do hope she likes the finished result.

My other in progress items are spinning... I have two bobbins full of delightful singles spun from Spinning a Yarn Fibres but I don't have a spare bobbin to ply them onto!!!  I ordered one last week and was informed yesterday they are out of stock :(  boooo hissss so will need to find another.

I also started spinning some gorgeous My Heart Exposed fibre which is why I don't have a spare bobbin, When I saw the fibre I had to SPIN IT NOW! but work has been manic and it is awaiting my return.

and the spindle is till being patient, I love it so much how it awaits me to find a moment, usually while I am out and happily lets me spindle for a few moments before being returned to it's little carry tube for a day or two.  

So thats it here.... busy busy busy, variety and colour!  and lots of  new ideas for projects waiting their turn.

Want to see what others have been upto this week?  take a look here lots of links to other WIP Wednesday people :)

have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Oh Toni, that bag is going to be gorgeous!!!!!

    I'm off to Ikea next week and will be looking for some fabric for bunting and some little dangly things for my Peasticks - this one is lovely. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

  2. The hat is looking fab!

    And (in response to your comment on my blog) - those cables are easy. Really. Honest. Trust me, no need to dream, you can do them too ;)

  3. Lovely colours fr the bag - I am more and more taken by crocheted bag with every one I see!

  4. I love that bag's color combinations!!

  5. Your WIPs are beautiful; I can already imagine what the FO's will look like.

    Can we all say IKEA together? :D I LOVE that store. I just bought fabric there last week to cover my dining room chairs, to make a yoga bolster and to cover the back rest in my sewing chair. Yay for Ikea fabric. LOL!!!

  6. You've been busy! I love the bag and can't wait until you finish it! The colors are awesome. Okay, so I used to shop at Ikea a lot, but haven't been in awhile. Since when do they have FABRIC!? Now I must go this weekend!

  7. You have been busy, you are multitalented!

  8. I love the colours of the bag. I'm desperate for a trip to Ikea too - wish it wasnt nearly 2 hours away :-(

  9. Those hearts are wonderfully sweet, they'll be a great bunting. And I can't *wait* to see the felted hat get felted and embellished. I'm so in love with felting at the moment, it's like magic!

  10. I am lucky in that Ikea is very close to us... I probably spend longer in the Q to pay than I do driving there! The fabric is lovely and cheap enough for my messy efforts with the machine!

    Thank you for your lovely comments... the bag is now felted!!!! not sure about embellishments now though as I REALLY like it as it is :D will see x