Monday, 16 May 2011

Ok.... who stole my two littlest children and replaced them with.... SMUG PARENT WARNING

these two little imposters?

Tent making in the morning....

which included sharing yes SHARING toast!

a lovely afternoon treat of a visit to the coffee shop....

Where G could have a soya frothy milk as he is allergic to dairy and J had a little hot chocolate... Not once did either of them run away or bounce the cup across the floor meaning a desperate me goes and begs forgiveness for the mess/breakages, we were very civilised don't you know! 

A good hour round the park..... holding hands!

Then I was in danger of being a smug parent....  a stupid smug mum and of course I got knocked down a few pegs !!! LOL

took J to his swimming lesson and beamed while my lovely boy tried really hard and looked adorable... G was being lovely too.. yep definitely in the smug zone...

so what could possibly go wrong on such a lovely day?

well my 4 year old point blank refused to leave the water...

I begged I pleaded... the swimming instructor asked nice... the lifeguard asked..,

he went into the middle of the pool and refused.

the parents looked at me with pity

I laughed... I love my strong willed boy and it served me right being smug all day

He knew there was nothing I could do fully dressed and I admired his spirit.

Thankfully I think the threat of the lifeguard coming in to fish him out made him reconsider and home we went.

So early to bed and early to rise.... and I should be joining them too having just finished spinning the 2nd single of my next yarn which should be featuring on here very soon!

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