Thursday, 26 May 2011

Confined to the house....Experimenting with colour

Good evening to you all!  

What a wind swept blustery day!  I do hope piglet was somewhere safe this evening.

George has decided now is the time to say goodbye to nappies so while we are all getting used to his cues we are staying close to home... but how to keep sane?

I love LOVE colour.... It makes me smile, bright colours, clashing colours, muted or pastel I love them all so when I saw this blog I just had to do it with the little ones!  I mean what ISN'T fun about vinegar and bicarbonate soda? Apparently there is NOTHING better when you are 4 and almost 2....

Simply add grab a couple of glasses and stand them in a tray to catch the mess (I used a lasagna dish)

half fill with vinegar, a bit was washing up liquid and some food colouring then give the reins to the children.

I gave them both spoons and free range on the bicarbonate soda....  to them it is magic! and created lots of fun which we did several times....

Oh the fun they had....

And then we noticed the colours mixing and more food colours got introduced to see what we could make.... eventually we got into a muddy mess but the boys were not ready to give in yet !  oh no! so armed with three glasses and water we mixed colours for a while....  so cheap and easy but kept them so happy!

such a lovely day!  But did it stop there?  oh no it didn't!

I finished knitting the felted hat!!!  unfortunalty I ran out of my lovely natural wool so finished it in my energised hand spun which I had left over from my felted e-reader case... but when it was knitted I wasn't in love with the stark combination

So ermmm well I had some of this....

But for the results you will have to come back tomorrow... It is my first ever dye project!

Thanks for reading


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