Friday, 20 May 2011

And another first for the blog! Finished Object Friday!

You may have noticed the blog has had a bit of a face lift...  and along with this we have another new "feature"

I am now going to be joining in with Tami Amis and doing "Finished Object Friday"  so no pressure there then!

So what is on offer today?  not a major object... I am starting small ;)  but here it is a little project bag!

I was so fed up while knitting my socks with dropping stitches when I had flung them into my bag so FINALLY made one!

Nothing to sing and dance about maybe... But all done by me so  ~happy dance~


  1. Welcome to FO Friday! :D I love your project bag, the colours are great. I have a deep love of brights and black together.

  2. Great little bag and useful to boot!

  3. NIce work on your project bag. . . And I had to check where you lived when I saw your kittens, too bad I am too far away (California) to help you find a home for one of them. They are too cute!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments :D I have already got some more material to make some more :)

  5. Love the wip bag; can't wait to see the projects you'll complete.

  6. YAY for project bags! I just bought one off etsy and love it. Welcome to FO Friday.