Monday, 9 May 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge....

Am I up to it....  well time will tell.

what is it?

All the information is on Elsie Marleys blog, basically be inspired to have a go at making some clothes for your children.

I have a stupidly busy week this week but I felt DID feel inspired seeing others having a bash so thought I would have a go too.

I have never been taught how to use the sewing machine which is about 25 years old as it was my mums...  we were hit and miss and the bobbin housing fell apart a couple of times so the ten minute trousers I decided to have a go at as cropped PJ bottoms actually took closer to an hour ~blush~

so an hour spare ~ha~ an Ikea blanket a sewing machine and some elastic and what do you get!!!

yes a very messy living room and 2 very happy boys LOL
I am definitely going to make some more for the other boys I may even get the length right next time!

they are longer than I intended but he likes them I think.... maybe over the week I will progress to something more intensive.

Thank you for looking and.....

If you are taking part please leave me a link so I can come and have a look at your projects....  I love being nosy :D

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