Friday, 30 September 2011

Hurrah for Finished object Friday!

Hello and welcome....

just a quick one for me today as I am ready for bed!!!  

I have a finished object to share!!!!

I present...

"I heart knitting" fingerless mittens knitted out of my hand spun which was dyed using natural dyes by the lovely "My Heart Exposed" 

I am really pleased with them , they knitted up really quite quickly even though I procrastinated like a good un before dealing with the thumbs ~laugh~

Don't forget to head over to Tamis Blog for other wonderful FO ! and thanks for dropping by :)

T x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 14/09/2011

Good Afternoon ....

So I have been trying to get back into knitting.... having been sucked into crochet more recently.

Well I shared some hand spun yarn on FO Friday and finally wound it into a ball and started knitting it up and so far I am really pleased with how well it is going.

It has no thumb yet or a partner but I love the hearts and the way it has knitted up on the other side we have solid twisted rib

I can't wait to get them finished.... the pattern is here 

I have also been doing a few more boarders on my flowers in the snow blanket

and here is the mountain of centres waiting for my attention ~hides~

Oh and look at all those ends to be woven in!!!!  I think I will take my time with these.

Thanks for passing by and joining me, and if you have a moment head on over to Tami's there are some lovely WIP's being shared! 

I hope to have something to share with you on Friday too but I am working every evening so maybe not!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday Treasure ~13/09/11

Hello there!

I do hope we find you well, not too wind swept or dripping from a torrential downpour which has been the pattern of the days here of late.... I am optimistic this morning however that the weather will be kind enough to dry some washing, the sky looks promising like a soft blue hue.  I think I should probably tie my hair up though, yesterday the wind was so strong I spent most of my time feeling like I was being attacked as it was whipped into a frenzy around my face!

Anyway.... Tuesday Treasures?  it's been a little while and there have been many treasures in my life recently BUT yesterday I had a stroke of good luck,  I won a competition ~happy dance~ and the person running the competition is such a lovely person and is such an inspiration. I wanted to let you know about her blog where I  won two spooky craft books, which I have no doubt the children will love flicking through with me...

So here it is Crafts From the Cwtch, I've been following Sarah's progress with her knitting and crafting on another forum so was very excited when she started a blog.  I do hope you all like it too, go and say Hi, Sarah is LOVELY but don't blame me when you have LOADS of WIP's at the moment Sarah is hexipuffing.... intrigued?  you should be ~laughs~  good luck resisting the temptation.

Thank you Crafts From the Cwtch for being such a treasure ~mwah~

and of course don't forget to have a peek over at The House on the Side of the Hill for others "Tuesday's Treasures"

and off I go....   I have a date with some hand spun perfecting magic looping.

I'm currenting knitting this hand spun 

Hopefully into something lovely so I can get some spooky craft on the go next week :)

Have a great day 

T x

Friday, 2 September 2011

FO Friday ~ it's done!

Well hello all and welcome back!

Well here it is it's Friday!  It's the last day of the summer holidays for my oldest two children and we are housebound as little J is poorly sick and despite the sun shining and it being blissfully warm out we are having a peaceful gentle day at home with some colouring for the other three children and maybe some baking later.

So I have a kind of finished object to share... which is the N-plied Northern Lights Fibre from My Heart Exposed,  it is a beautiful shropshire fleece which spun up like a dream and I enjoyed it immensely.  Now obviously I am going to have to knit or crochet it into something for it to be totally finished but I think from fibre to yarn is quite a transformation to share ;)

It almost looks like sherbet pips spum into yarn, it's hard to believe that it is dyed using all natural dyes, the colours in the fibre are incredible! My camera and the light really does not do it justice.

It's about DK weight N-Plyed and 150m....  so now what to make this into, tempted by a cowl but it doesn't feel wintry enough with the colours in it hmmmmmm  your ideas are more than welcome!

Don't forget to go and check out the other FO over on Tamis blog and have a fantastic weekend!