Sunday, 29 May 2011

Counting Down....

The youngest Unconventional member turns two on Friday so I have been busy!

Last night after a few battles with the sewing machine I made this for G.... It should have taken me less than an hour but the amount of times I had to perform surgery on the sewing machine meant I was still up at 12 sewing! eek!

I have been wanted to make a pencil roll for a little while and although I had read quite a few tutorials I winged it in the end as I couldn't find my measuring tape.  

Anyway enough talking now for the pictures!

Motor Vehicles for my little man

with a little fold over flap to stop the pencils falling out when they are thrown into a bag 

 and the flap open....

Not the neatest of sewing or most precise but I am so pleased with it and I think G will really like it.

It has made me realise that the sewing machine which is almost as old as me and was my mums could do with updating or at least a service and I could do with some lessons on how to sew ~blush~

A few more projects on the go too this week to get ready for G's Birthday.... Shame I am feeling so poorly :( Yes the germs have returned so will have to try and work through them.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend


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