Friday, 15 July 2011

Finished Object Friday !!! 15/07/11

Hello Everyone, thank you for popping by, put your feet up, fancy a cuppa?  and now relax!

Yes RELAX!  this is the message for my weekend after a busy couple of weeks of teaching being a doula for a wonderful couple and obviously the usual mum type things,  I am going to spend this weekend doing basically nothing.

And what a better way to relax than by showing you all my FO....

The first has already left the building as a birthday gift for my mother in law, Knitted with my hand spun camel silk it's "The Age of Brass and Steam" shawlette and it is lovely!  the camel silk gives it a lovely sheen and a divine squishy feel which drapes wonderfully but still feels light and airy!

I am so pleased with how it knitted up and I believe my mother in law likes it too :)

and now for a drum roll......

The bag has finally been finished!  I don't think I need many words as this has been a LONG road but it is DONE!!!!

now onto a granny square blanket I think.

Thank you for coming and having a look at my FO please take a look at Tami's blog, there are links to some wonderful FO's inspire you!



  1. I love that shawlette, the sheen on it is beautiful :)

    Congrats on finishing the bag!

  2. Congrats on the bag, it's a great feeling when you finally finish something!

  3. Yay! Toni the shawlette looks beautiful and I'm delighted to see the bag - it was certainly worth all the effort that went into it!

    Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend x

  4. I love both the shawl and the bag---great colour choices on both projects, and those flowers on the bag handles are just perfect.

  5. The shawl is a terrific gift. She will be able to wear that with all kinds of outfits.

    The bag is so pretty -- fun colors & an interesting pattern, too.

  6. Oooh, camel silk? I think I'm jealous!

  7. I love love love your Age of Brass and Steam shawlette! Isn't it such a great/easy pattern!? I love mine as well. :)

    I love the bag. Great colors and the flowers are a great touch.

  8. Shawl is gorgeous, very jealous! Well done on the bag, looks great! :)

  9. The Age of Brass and Steam shawlette is just fabulous! And I love the color combo on your bag. Well done! Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  10. Your mother-in-law must be quite something! Handspun and handknit! WOW

  11. Bag and shawl are both very nice. The shawl looks so soft.