Wednesday, 20 April 2011

And here we have it!!!!

Well I have not had time to post for a little while work has kept me busy into the night when I usually post but I am so proud of my beautiful new e-reader cover I wanted to share with you all...

I am such a slow knitter this took me a couple of days but I am sure it would be be a much faster knit for someone else....

I can't explain how lovely it is to finally have finished this... I had spun the fibre from My Heart Exposed and plied it with red merino.  Once I saw the plied yarn I thought the red was a bit strong so I decided felting it may bring out the beautiful jewel tones of the Energised fibre.  I was right!!!

It is lovely.... although it is taking an age to dry!

This time last year I was a total none finisher when it came to ANY projects and I am still in awe each time I get a finished article!