Monday, 11 April 2011

Well Hello!!!

After much faffing I have a blog!!!!  how about that then!

I am notoriously bad at doing things like this but I am going to aim to update this as much as possible...

I'll give you a bit of background on unconventional us.....  we are quite unconventional funnily enough,  We don't have a TV to watch (even though Mr Unconventional Us works with TV's which is quite ironic) We try and practice attachment parenting as much as possible meaning G (almost 2) has never been in a pushchair, slept in our bed until recently and rarely use outside childcare.

G has multiple allergies so that may end up a bit on here as our battle with food continues and my daughter who is almost 12 and my own crafty endevours will inevitably end up on here with pictures of hopefully many successful projects and I'll probably share the disasters too and why not?  Those mistakes are just another opportunity to learn.

I hope you will enjoy seeing what we get up to as a family of 6, and sharing in a tiny bit of what makes Us.

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  1. Huge congratulations on your new blog Toni, I have had mine going daily now for over eight years and am well into year nine at the moment. Lately I havent blogged every day this year but made sure to do a couple a week at least mainly due to health reasons I sort of felt like I was repeating myself often with that so stopped doing daily updates just until this weaker spell passes. Hopefully you will keep up with yours, its a great resource to have to look back on later :)