Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Phew... that was a busy day!

Well day two of the school holidays and what a busy one we had!

B spent almost ALL DAY playing with her Ello construction set while her brothers played Meccano... luckily for me at the time littlest Unconventional G was sleeping ~dance~ Which meant once I got my work prepared for tonight I got to play with fibre...

I bought some beautiful fibre from My Heart Exposed Yarns called Energised ~ and it was divine to spin... it spun like candyfloss... light and fluffy!  but to my surprise it started to look like a wonderful wrap I once owned called Earthy Rainbow sold by Wearababy.... feeling inspired I spun a second single in reds as the weave of Earthy Rainbow has a red weft....

So you can see the singles....  and then the experimental part.  I love the both singles and I was hoping for a dramatic earthy sunset with bright jewel tones like how the setting sun seems to set fire to the ocean.  So with the children happily playing or sleeping I got to plying them together!

Not exactly as I had in mind as I think the red over powers the beautiful My Hearts Exposed fibre and the candy polling is a little too strong for my liking I think,  it is to be knit into cover for my beloved e-reader so I think I may have a go at felting the holder in the machine... I think the colours would merge and soften and it would HOPEFULLY look more like earth rainbow!

As I was on borrowed time with the sleeping boy, I didn't quite finish the plying but hopefully I will finish the yarn tomorrow and get to the knitting stage!


  1. I *LOVE* the colours of the yarn! xx

  2. Honestly I don't know how My Hearts Exposed does it... this is the 2nd of her fibres I have finished and I have another one on the go they are just amazing, thank you for your kind comment x

  3. Thank you so very much for the blog post Toni, I just love your spinning its excellent and I am so looking forward to seeing your cover when its all finished being felted :)

  4. I love the colours together. Love the colour of your wheel - what is it?


  5. thank you both :D My wheel is a Louet s20, the previous owner made it sunshine yellow and blue which always makes me smile as it is sooooo bright... This morning I have washed bathed and hung energised to dry and it is so much more beautiful in a skien... seeing how the colours merge and interact really is stunning... maybe no felting after all... will wait and see how it knits :D