Wednesday, 13 April 2011

And here is the yarn!!!!

Quick update as I am SOOOOOO happy with it.....

So with my wonderful "Energised" from Link to delightful My Hearts Exposed turned into THIS!!!!  Amazingly squishy and chunky!


Oh and I finally have a dry "on the vine"  also hand painted with natural dyes from My Heart Exposed,  It's BFL and spun up a dream into the most subtle mix of greens and purples with a slight hint of the red of a grape.... It is so soft it is hard to believe it is wool!  it's so floofy.

This skien has been n-plyed which is new to me and although it is far from perfect I am hugely proud of how this has turned out.  But what to knit?  I have no idea!

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  1. Both are mouth wateringly gorgeous! cant wait to see your knitting as well :)