Thursday, 14 April 2011

Another hobby or just a fad?

well it's 9:08 and what a day!

What a wonderful day in fact, although my eyes are now very heavy and bed is calling it has been a really lovely day....

I have been spinning, spinning, spinning like mad and have various skeins of wool lying about I have been too lazy to tackle the knotting stressful event that is getting it into a ball single handed BUT for my birthday I had a yarn winder!!!! and it came this morning !!!! ~happy dance~  so the next time I get 5 minutes it will be winding like mad!

~sigh~  so once I got over that excitement I remember I have a big deadline to meet and so while the lovely Mr Unconventional holds the fort with the children I head to a coffee shop with no wifi (I have no will power) to do my essay... and what do you know 1800 words essay in an hour and half!!!
Well I am sure you will all agree with me that such dedicated hard work calls for a reward no? Well a lovely dress I have been admiring for a while and a pair of jeans came home with me :)

So what was so wonderful about this day?  Well we discovered Geocaching fab site about it
We took the children out on a treasure hunt and they all loved it!!! from the biggest (Mr Unconventional) kid to little G everyone had a fantastic time!!! so maybe we have discovered THE family hobby!
Everyone LOVED it when we found the little cannister and signed our names.... Everyone was slightly annoyed when we failed to find the last one but it was amazing! Fresh air and a common goal for the family 
Just can't wait to do it again. 

Once we ran out of phone charge to continue Geocaching a bit of playtime on the local park... 

So feeling hungry we came home and I cooked the best risotto... bathed the little ones and they are now sleeping soundly

one of those days where I feel truly blessed and the squabbles and sibling rivalry is nothing to concern me

and now to bed....


  1. I've been meaning to try geo-caching for ages. Downloaded the apps and everything, but that's as far as I got. Might put it back on the list for next week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. aw looks like you all had a fantastic day together :)