Thursday, 16 June 2011

Oh Bother!

~sigh~ good evening... Bit of a late one here from us.  Life is pretty hectic now we have a long school run to fit into our days.

Today has been very disheartening involving much ripping out... far too many ~sighs~ and a few yawns to boot.  My Age of Brass and Steam has been ripped back twice today, not because it is complex but because I am far too easily distracted and trying to play catch up in a not of quiet moment of the boys playing trains was not the best thing to have been doing this afternoon ~rolls eyes~

My lovely apple cosy has also been ripped back!  I know how could I go wrong with such a simple little thing?  well I think it was too much picking up and putting down over too great a time as it seemed to be big enough for a melon! so may give that another go tonight, depending on what time little unconventionals go to sleep, by the sounds coming from the dining room where they are colouring with unconventional daddy they are about ready for bed, about half an hour ago! 

And seeming as I have nothing hugely productive going on, my knitting and crochet disasters were ripped without pictures I thought I could share a couple of pictures of my little dare devil!

look no hands!

Yes thats my 2 year old who can't reach the foot rests on the seesaw going for the thrill, especially for the camera!  my heart was in my mouth knowing I couldn't stop him from falling. No children were harmed in the taking of this photograph may I add!

but nothing beats a sleep on Daddys back... no?

Lovely Bamberoo SSC in Echino Scene Green, which I think wins the award of my favourite fabric ever!

I also had the pleasure of wrapping lovely G in our Didymos Goldfish wrap as he was a very tired grumpy boy and I needed to get dinner cooked. Such a lovely flood of memories from last summer when we were wrapping more often.

Right then I am off to get the little ones ready for bed and try to finish something ANYTHING for FO friday tomorrow eek!

wish me luck can't bear to rip anything else out tonight!

T x


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a bad day - sounds like me last week!

    (I'd highly recommend taking up some Granny Squares in bright colours to get you out of your funk.)


  2. lol i am not starting on granny squares until the bag is done.... I will live through your granny squares they look yum!