Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tuesday Treasure ~ Spinny Spinny Wheel!

Hello Everyone!  Oh what a wonderful morning here!  sun is shining and as I pegged the washing out bare footed the grass is lush, cold and wet with delicious rain from the past few days and dew!  I love to feel nature under my feet..  just not the slugs and snails, always a risk going out barefoot after the rain eek!

Well I am feeling slightly more relaxed at the moment... Jamie loved his first day at school yesterday and positively couldn't wait to go again today!

~sigh~  It's as if with the dark rain clouds my mood which has been slightly dark and stressed with impending assessments has cleared and I am feeling as bright as the blue sky this morning :)

Anyway.... whats my Tuesday Treasure?  well here she is....

She is an OLD Ashford traditional wheel, older than me!  I found her languishing in a junk shop with an almost lazy kate and niddy noddy for £25  yes £25! 

I ordered a maintenance kit and gave her a good oil and managed to spin on her.  She is a little sorry for herself and needs a bit of sanding and oiling to make her as beautiful as she could be, I have a few new parts for her too. She is going to be my summer project... something I can get stuck into in the garden while the children play and I am oh so looking forward to getting her looking lovely again.

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Have a wonderful day everyone!

T x


  1. She's fantastic. Obviously there is a secret language of spinning -almost lazy kate, niddy noddy. Fascinating. Thanks for playing along with Tuesday Treasures.

  2. Oh how beautiful , I love old spinning wheels , don't know how to spin but love them anyway!

  3. Spinning has been one of my dreams. Not only does it look relaxing (even tho I know you must pay attention) but the wheel is beautiful. I have never seen one for sale outside of a spinning club! What a find.

  4. I have one of those tucked away in storage. I made the mistake of learning to spin when my little boy was tiny, but mobile!! Needless to say it wasn't a success!! Must try again one day..Thanks for the memory..

  5. Hello,

    Wow you got a great bargain there. Good luck with fixing her up and spinning. Happy days.

  6. What a wonderful bargain and so great that you are going to use it.... every now and then we have craft exhibitions and the spinners come out.... I love to sit and watch but not game to try!!

  7. oh spinning is amazing it feels very theraputic... i was attracted by my mil's beautiful traditional wheel but when i got one of my own it was very plain and not attractive at all so this one will be my "pretty" wheel :)