Sunday, 12 June 2011


What a weekend...

I do hope you have all had a lovely weekend :) Mine has been blissful, relaxing and of course full of the stress that an assessment can bring!  Oh yes the trials of being addicted to further education eh?

On Saturday morning I awoke early... full of nerves for this is the day! the day of my assessment for teaching antenatal yoga !  I had to give a presentation and lead a session on pranayama's which to be honest I do alot of anyway within my courses with breathing awareness and relating relaxation to the breath BUT I had to explain it "properly" using sanskrit words ~faint~

Well I was in pieces for goodness sake I struggle with the language that is my mother tongue! Anyway I just had to do it.  I prepared and boarded the train, In my pressure to perfect the presentation forgetting all about my coat... I mean I have only lived in England my whole life, I should have expected it to be like winter in the middle of June ~rolls eyes~  ANYWAY....

One the train I find the mindless trebles of my bag AMAZING! I let my mind wander and really relax into the rhythm of the treble only stopping when the inconsiderate person next to me puts on the music in their headphones so LOUD I can barely hear myself think ~sigh~

Anyway... the assessment went well, I think, I don't get my grade for a month!

I came home this afternoon... thinking I would be coming home in blissful English summer weather... but no I did a wonderful impression of a drowned rat... complete with straggled hair, running eye make up and an attractive squelching sound from my shoes which were an open summer affair.  To which you may have thought I would have been upset BUT no!!!! the inconsiderate too cool crowd kept there distance!  no loud music! I was treated as a none person!  was I bothered?  Oh goodness me no!  Lovely peace and quiet on the train home, alone with my hypnotic, almost meditative trebles.

Oh and no photographic evidence of the state I arrived back in Birmingham exists, thankfully :)



  1. Ha! Glad you frightened them all off, Toni! I'm sure you'll pass your assessment - fingers crossed for you xx

  2. Thank you Sarah.... I would have frightened off even the most hardcore public transport person I think lol