Thursday, 9 June 2011

Last week at home....

Good afternoon lovely people....  

It's been a lovely morning here....  G has had a BIG long sleep which is unlike my little robot of a 2 year old! This meant after a bit of  polishing (yes really) J and I had time to get out the things he likes playing with but usually end in arguments and frustrations as 2 year olds tend to have different ideas to almost 5 year olds to how to play nice.  

We built the circus....  which incidently had a giraffe who couldn't get in the door.... oops!  J was the chief animal trainer and he took his job slightly too seriously... even for him :)
The Circus set has a gift for Christmas and was quite a few pennies... I remember thinking, I hope he "gets it" and oh but he does, such a warm fuzzy feeling to hear him and watch him using that amazing growing imagination,

When G decided it was time to join us we got out his birthday crayons and I printed off some colouring sheets from a fantastic website!  wee folk art where there are free patterns, tutorials and much more!

Well it's the last week of having J at home full time... he is almost 5 and on Monday he will be doing his first half day of kindergarten.

I have many mixed feelings... I so wanted to home educate him but I have found it more of a challenge than I expected, I love it and hate it all at the same time and as I am not the most social of people I have found it difficult to get out as much as I think J needs.

So J is going to be starting at a Steiner school on Monday... 5 half days a week until the summer as a trial run to see how we get on.  If he likes it, and it suits him he will go back in September, probably in kindergarten again as he is a summer baby.  

I almost feel like I am mourning for what may have been this week, I feel emotional although I know we can change our minds and still home educate I do think J will adore his new school.

who knows where the rest of today will go... sky is looking heavy with rain... 

may have a browse of the blogs I love so much for inspiration and try something new this afternoon.

Hope you all are having a fantastic day... 

T x


  1. One of the best biggest (and hardest) parenting lessons I have learnt is to do with education. Cal who is almost 16 has chosen to go to mainstream school - his choice - rather than home or Steiner. I think for him he has made the right choice and we have revisited it often to check it's still the right decision. For me and my husband it's been a nightmare but we have always put him at the centre of his learning. Only one GCSE left tomorrow and then onto A Levels and he's staying at school rather than going to college - what a strange child I have!!!

  2. Education is such a hard one :-( you are so lucky to have a steiner school nearby. We choose a little village school for Jo (less than 40 pupils) and she has loved it. They have forest school and an outside class room and as we live in Wales they learn through play up until the age of 7. The school has been great at allowing half days and 'too tired' days. A flexible part time approach has been very important. I so remember the days leading up to school and the weeks after. It was hard. You will grieve a lot over the coming month - be gentle with yourself xxx

  3. Lovely pictures of your dear children. These sort of decisions are so hard so I think a trial period is a very good idea. Take care.