Thursday, 2 June 2011

And ermmmm another Birthday ?

Hello lovely readers!  I hope you have had a fantastic Thursday.

 I am in a whirl of wrapping paper, sellotape and numerous boxes! All of which are demanding my attention to wrap them ready for tomorrow which will be little unconventional G's 2nd Birthday.

G's Birthday is an emotional one... my perfect healing home birth, in water with two amazing midwives who 100% supported me at the last minute when the NHS failed.  G was born in a birth pool in our dining room peaceful, alert and nothing like the 11lb suggested.  His labour and birth is one to treasure, a positive birth story which, as I look at the clock this evening I savour each memory from that wonderful event. As he was born at 1:02 it will soon be the hour of his birth.  He entered our lives in gentle candlelight surrounded by the most amazing feelings of love and support.  I have never felt more powerful or more spiritual, a more wonderful peaceful and empowering experience... I don't think that exists.  I am sorry more women can't say the same thing about the births of their babies.  Birth can be the closest thing to REAL magic humans can ever experience...

For any expectant parents reading this please if you only read a couple of books on pregnancy read these:

Amazing women who really know what they are talking about....  

So what else have I been upto...  well you can't have a birthday without a cake, no?

G is allergic to all dairy, eggs and nuts so I HAVE to bake for him... not the best cake but I am sure he will like it... it's chocolate sponge inside with dairy free chocolate spots, a real treat for him.

And while the house was being destroyed I got the kool-aid pot going again and dyed some plain silk scarfs into these...

lovely silks... just have to hope the playframe turns up as promised in the morning now!

So now back to the gift wrapping and remembering with the clock watching that amazing night... the wonderful labour and birth and how magical birth can really be.

Hope you all have a good evening



  1. Happy 2nd magical birthday for Mummy too :)
    (((( hugs ))))
    such an amazing birth story, so beautiful

  2. I'm so happy you got your perfect birth with G. The way it was meant to be. Enjoy your happy memories and I hope G has a great day. x