Saturday, 2 July 2011

Tour De Fleece 2011 ! Day One!

Well hello again!

And what a stupidly busy evening I have had here in the land of unconventional.  

So I sit with my glass of sparkling water in one hand feeding G flicking as you do through the many fantastic blogs and as I do so I realise it is "the day"  the start of the Tour de France!  and this can only mean one thing!  YES!!!! the Tour de Fleece has begun!

So for those of you who are not spinners and spend silly amounts of time browsing ravelry  it is an online spinning/blogging event where for each day of the event the wheel or spindle comes out!  you spin something appropriate to the day too so the first day is quite easy (LOL not if I was riding the bike it wouldn't be) so tonight once I had sent all the children to bed, done my work and at last sat down I dragged out the wheel... faithful Bertie!

and I spun the rest of the beautiful northern lights from My Heart Exposed...

and because this is set to be navajo plied (fab link about how to do it) I then set about getting back into the swing of it as I have not n-plied in a little while so I used some left over single on a bobbin and n-plied this teeny tiny cute ball of spinning a yarn merino

So now I feel slightly less nervous about N-plying the gorgeous northern lights, although the pictures doens't do it justice the colours in the single are sooooo beautiful!  I can't wait to see it finished.

Anyway, to bed with me, I may be attending a birth in my role as a doula very soon so need to get my z's

T x

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