Monday, 4 July 2011

And... it's Tuesday Treasure with Tour de Fleece DAY 3!

Evening all!

Wow today has been HOT!  and very busy so busy that I have only managed to do half hour spinning today.... but lots of yoga and driving...  

Anyway I missed last weeks Tuesday Treasures with The House on the Other Side of the Hill

and here is my Tuesday Treasure....

How lucky am I that my lovely husband bought me these beautiful flowers ~mushy~

oh and another treasure from the garden which I love as my Grandad used to be an exceptional gardener and loved to grow carnations and I remember wondering round his garden as a small child with the heady scent around me but I never inherited his green fingers and almost everything I grow ends up withered but look!!!!

Such a happy sight and smelling gorgeous!

And not to be out done by their daddy the little unconventionals surprised me with some treasures of their own :)

And now to the Tour de Fleece!!!

unfortunately I have been VERY busy today with over 300 miles of driving.... a few hours of yoga practice and of course the "bedtime" of the children it was a early start so not much spinning done although I promise this is not the same picture as the last night, I have made progress ;)

almost finished the first bobbin now ~happy dance~

And that is that... to bed I must go as I am teaching tomorrow and have much preparation to do in the morning.

Thanks for popping by



  1. Thank you so much for being part of Tuesday Treasures today. What beautiful flowers and my mum and dad still grow pinks - small very fragrant carnations. I adore the scent and it does bring back childhood memories.

  2. Beautiful blooms from your hubby and little ones (special treasure)Pink carnations were my Nanna's favourites too. Lots of Yoga (huge Treasure) LOve my Yoga Too!!!
    Nice to meet a fellow yogini.
    Namaste, Michelle

  3. A beautiful bouquet and I love the carnations , an adorable flower .

  4. lovely post,beautiful flowers

  5. Hello,

    Love the sunflowers in your bouquet and those carnations look divine. Happy days.

  6. The carnations are glorious. Cheers Kaylee

  7. I love that you got flowers!! especially from the little ones! When i was doing my nursing training, there was always big bouquets given to the patients, and I used to bring home the nearly dead carnations to try and grow! Never ever got one to oblige, but I do love them..
    Happy spinning..

  8. Flowers are such happy things. I love your bouquet and the carnations in the garden look fabulous. Very sweet to get flowers form the children. Your spun yarn looks very neat.