Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tour de Fleece ~ Day FOUR

Hello Lovely people!

Well day three of the Tour de Fleece and I can't help being annoyed at the fact I am too busy to spin!!!  with work and children spinning is something I am trying to fit in but alas I have spun today! hurrah!

so I finished the first bobbin of the delightful sixth sense...

and here is the completed bobbin with Northern Lights which is resting awaiting N-plying :)  in the lovely morning sun.

and then this evening I have squeezed in a little more spinning after work

here is bobbin number 2 "in progress"

I feel a little annoyed that I have not done more but I have been VERY busy with work and children so I guess I need to let it go....

Tomorrow hopefully I will get the bulk of bobbin 2 done and then once complete I can ply Northern Lights ~squee~

On another note, I am considering a belated started to the "year of project"  just wondering if this is a big bite too far.... I will ponder until Friday when I have a day off from work when I shall make a decision.

I am heading for an early night, just in case the mama I am currently Doula'ing for goes into labour tonight... baby is almost hear!  lots of lovely birth vibes please!

T x

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  1. beautiful spinning and loads of safe birth vibes coming over :)