Wednesday, 31 August 2011

~shuffles out of hiding~ WIP Wednesday!

Hello you lovely people!  Well I'm out from under the rock.... and hoping to be blogging a little more again although life is HECTIC at the minute!

Having spend half hour looking through the work in progress blogs this morning I was inspired to get this blog out of moth balls and share this...

They stayed as colourful little circles for a while as I forgot to buy white wool and then managed to loose the silly hook ~blush~ but eventually I managed to get to the next stage along....

Yes I am making my first crochet blanket ~jumping~ having being inspired by a lovely mama who made one of these and is currently in the final hours of giving it away for charity!  You can see her lovely blanket here .

So it's going to be a while, I've also been spinning and I do have a finished yarn to share on Friday, just need to decide what to knit with it ~ponders~

So much to share with you all but too little time today.

Will be back soon, thank you so much for dropping by, and remember to go and take a look at Tami's blog there are so many lovely projects on there!

T x


  1. Your blanket is going to be so beautiful.

  2. That's going to be lovely! And great to see an update from you too :)

  3. Go you, making the blanket leap! I haven't attempted that so far myself. Your squares are looking amazing, the colours are brilliant.

  4. That white border really ties them all together beautifully! It's going to be fabulous!

  5. The blanket looks like it's going to be so bright and so much fun!

  6. The motifs are wonderful. I hope you find a comparable hook!

  7. Your blanket is going to be gorgeous! I love all the colours!